``Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure`` or ``LANAP`` can do in one day what used to take months with traditional gum surgery
Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedures or ``LAPIP`` is performed to remove infection around existing dental implants

No Cutting


No Stitching


No Fear

Hescheles Periodontal Laser & Implant Center specializes in providing laser gum surgery in Boynton Beach with the latest and safest technology. The LANAP PerioLase technology used results in painless gum treatments that give patients healthy gums once again. There are many lasers being used in dentistry today. Some are used for hard tissue procedures, such as cavity treatment (YSGG lasers). Other lasers are used for minor soft tissue procedures, such as frenectomies and gingivectomies (Diode lasers).

The PerioLase MVP-7 is an Nd:YAG laser that was specifically designed to treat periodontal disease around teeth (LANAP) and around dental implants (LAPIP). The PerioLase MVP-7 is the only laser to receive FDA clearance for laser-based periodontal disease treatment. This is the only dental laser which has been shown to re-grow bone around teeth and reverse gum disease.

Other laser manufacturers have attempted to copy the LANAP protocol to treat periodontal disease. However, none of these laser manufacturers require dentists to be trained or certified prior to using their lasers on patients. Additionally, no other dental laser has the depth of research to match the PerioLase MVP-7 laser.

Dr. Hescheles is the first dentist to be certified in Palm Beach County and has been practicing the “LANAP” – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedures using the PerioLase MVP-7.

The PerioLase Laser is an alternative to traditional periodontal surgery. The benefits compared to traditional surgery are:

  • Full mouth treatment can now be done in one day, what used to take months with traditional surgery
  • No cutting or stitching of gum tissue
  • No need for Bone Grafting or Membrane placement
  • Fast healing
  • Less discomfort
  • Shorter recovery time.
  • Minimum – no Tooth sensitivity following treatment
  • Minimum – no gum recession following treatment
  • Coumadin patients do not have to stop there medication to have this treatment
LANAP Steps2

Laser Periodontal Therapy Steps:

  1. The Periodontal Probe measures deep pocket depths (Bone Loss).
  2. The Laser removes bacteria and diseased tissues from inside the pocket.
  3. Ultrasonic instruments are used to remove tartar deposits from the tooth & root surfaces.
  4. The Laser finishes cleaning and seals the pocket closed, therefore germs cannot enter.
  5. Healing of gums to clean disinfected root surfaces occurs.
  6. Bite trauma is adjusted.
  7. Bone growth and tissue reattachment occur, which create shallow healthy pockets.