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Dental Implant Therapy is a large part of our practice and we specialist in immediate dental implants in Boynton Beach. Dental Implant Therapy encompasses: Single Tooth Replacement, Immediate Implant Placement (At the time of Tooth Extraction), Multiple Implant Placements, Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction, and Guided Implant Placement.


``All-on-4 or More``


Unfortunately, people can lose all of their teeth due to decay and/or periodontal disease.  This greatly impairs their ability to eat and smile with confidence.

Removable dentures are often the treatment of choice for these individuals.  But dentures are usually not comfortable and people find eating with them difficult.  In fact many people live with this inconvenience because they think that Dental Implant Therapy is a long and painful process.

On the contrary, using the latest technology, we can remove all hopeless teeth and place Dental Implants immediately.  During the same appointment we place a fixed Implant supported Bridge that is stationary and not removable.  This type of Implant Therapy is referred to as “All-On-4 or more”, referring to the placement of a minimum of four Implants to stabilize a full set of teeth.  Using this protocol, patients can be rid of infection and decayed teeth, receive a full set teeth that are not removable, all in one appointment with minimum discomfort or down time.